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Park 3D

Animating Your Ideas

My aim is to understand exactly what you are looking to achieve right from conception. From the moment the brief is received I endeavor to get behind the vision, to understand it and work towards it’s realization, to settle for nothing but the best. I understand that every part of the process is equally important and will work hard to get the project off the ground, confidently moving forward with your ideas.

I work as closely with the client as possible. Never taking anything for granted I submit the “work in progress” on a regular basis, understanding the need for an efficient working relationship with the client. Regular contact is maintained throughout to ensure a smooth process, working through any issues or concerns that may exist and ensuring key stages of the project are met.


By this point we have worked out any amends and changes that were needed and the animation is at sign off stage. If any last minute changes are needed then we work together to facilitate the best way to make them in what time (and budget) remain. We all want to be happy with what is produced and proud of what is achieved so that we all look forward to working again with each other in the future.

I know that I am not alone in my love of 3D computer graphics. From the moment I saw how one could bring an idea to life, how the virtual world of the computer could become the canvass upon which a thousand ideas could take shape and form. Stories can be told, new inventions explained, art and science merge in an explosion of incredible creativity. Who hasn’t enjoyed the larger than life antics of Pixar’s Toy story characters or watched the multitude of Hollywood blockbusters that fill their screens with scenery, machines and even actors using the medium of 3D graphics? It becomes ever more difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what is not as everyday objects are modeled and rendered to photo-realistic standards.
My passion, like all artists, lies in the doing, the expressing of ideas, watching what is essentially invisible become visible, making the impossible, possible. Taking what starts as little more than an idea and bringing it to life, molding and shaping it to become the best it can be. Telling the story, painting the picture, explaining the workings, all achievable with this medium of computer graphics.

I have worked in this business for 23 years now and love it more now than ever. We all have our gifting, the areas of life that we seem to just do well in, whether that be within sport, maths, storytelling, acting, whatever area that we feel the most happy doing, that is what we will generally be best at. When you wake up to the day looking forward to working you know that you’ve found the job you should be doing. That is me, I love this industry, an industry that never stands still, that is always growing, that consistently provides us with tools that allow us to tell the story, paint the picture, invent the invention, to bring your ideas to life.
Jeremy Park